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Major changes are ahead, namely to the main page and the Mahusetan page.
Reason: Major overhaul because of Mahusetan "renaissance". Please see this:
Welcome to Encyclopædia Mahusia,
the free Mahusetan encyclopædia maintained by both Mahusetans and non-Mahusetans alike.
As of 18 January 2018,
we have 229 articles in the English language.

Welcome to Encyclopædia Mahusia. Encyclopædia Mahusia is an online Mahusetan encyclopædia which is run by both Mahusetans and non-Mahusetans alike. This encyclopedia is maintained by a small group of specially selected contributors — whose job it is to make sure things run smoothly as humanly possible.
Encyclopædia Mahusia was established on 1 November 2012 by Emiel Sebastiaan Hardy, and is the largest Mahusetan encyclopedia with 916 pages and 229 articles. Copyright to content used is either allowed by permission of the Lazian Chamber and its subsidiaries, the Courant van Lazia and the Lazian Archive only, which means you are allowed to use content according to fair use, providing you credit us, see the Emiel Sebastiaan Hardy General Government License for more information, or it is licensed under CC-BY-SA.